Please see the wiki for help with setup and solving issues:

Or come onto our friendly Discord group where lots of helpful experienced people will give you a hand:

Please note, the Discord in general don’t like supporting people who have paid for a pre-built software image or downloaded a pre-built software image. This is because they think that the support should be provided by the people that sold the image not their free time. This is a source of contention across many emulation projects and communitys and not a specific Sinden Lightgun issue. The recommendation would also be to use official mainline images and setup your own system because of the knowledge it gives you for now and the future.

If you email Sinden Technology we are always happy to do our best to help regardless of your issue, drop Sinden Technology an email at customerservices at, we are always very happy to help but at crunch time in the project such as a production issue it can sometimes take a couple of days for a response for especially tricky technical queries.