Driver Software

The following software is for use only with official Sinden Lightguns® and not for distribution by anyone other than Sinden Technology Ltd ©2020.

Main software download

Includes Windows software and drivers, Linux X86 software, Raspberry Pi software. For Raspberry Pi 5 we recommend the Linux Beta 2.05 further down the page.

Latest Stable Release v1.08 publish 22nd July 2022

Previous Stable Release v1.07 publish 14th January 2022:

This includes the draft software and instructions for connecting to PS1 and PS2 hardware as either a Guncon45 or Guncon2.

First Steamdeck driver and prototype Android driver are further down the page.

Windows Beta 2.05 9th May 2023 (Linux Beta 2.05 further down the page)
For advanced existing users please try the new version of the windows software V2.05 beta, not recommended yet for new users, but getting close to becoming the next stable release during September 2023:

Please feedback via email any bugs or improvement ideas on the beta to
contact at sindenlightgun .com, please add Windows beta feedback to the email title.

Main new features of Beta over stable version:
Driver is designed to run in background and need less interaction
2 lightguns in a single instance of software
Simplified interface
Hold DPad up for a few seconds to toggle recoil Off/SingleShots/Automatic
Option to act as joystick instead of mouse
Also includes bug fixes needed from the last beta release, correctly save 2nd lightgun camera settings, recoil strength can now be set correctly, added back in the ability to set the pedal action.

For all above software if you have firmware older than v1.06 please update inside the windows software to v1.06 or higher. New lightguns should already be on v1.06 or higher.

Linux Beta V2.05 – 25th May 2023

This is the very first release of the rebuilt Linux driver so it is very raw. It sets a base for hopefully lots of upcoming improvements and is the first version that supports Steamdeck and Raspberry Pi 5.

Improvements include:
2 Lightguns in a single instance
Stability improvements
Steamdeck version and raw guide for steamdeck
Joystick mode (not required on Pi) – Requires V1.09 firmware from windows beta 2.05
Hold Dpad Up to toggle recoil On/Automatic/Off – Requires V1.09 firmware from windows beta 2.05

Once this beta looks like it is OK to become the new standard version I will do a repackage and improve the documentation to assist beginners.

Please feedback via email any bugs or improvement ideas on the beta to
contact at sindenlightgun .com, please add Linux beta feedback to the email title.

Pedal software (new), please see the pedal page here:

There is an unofficial Raspberry Pi4 build linked on the wiki here:

Main known issues from testing so far:

There have been issues with bluetooth modules, if you are having an issue with the app crashing, removing your module or disable it and try again.

Windows application may give an error when you load it without a lightgun connected.

Windows 10, trouble starting the lightgun, make sure that the Sinden Lightgun® app has camera permissions if you have more locked down permissions than standard. You shouldn’t need to do this.

If playing 2 player and you have issues, try using a different usb controller where possible, connecting one at the front and one at the back, or try one in a blue USB3 port and one in a black USB port. A powered hub in windows 10 for 2 player is unlikely to work.

When assigning keyboard presses to the buttons, capital letters are misbehaving, use the lower case letters for now. Upper case letters are being processed as a shift key which is wrong.

LED projector, did not work as fit for purpose on an LED projector, currently the recommendation is you need a lamp projector or maybe a laser projector (laser untested). The advice was always that it didn’t work very well with cheap budget projectors the guidance is now clarified to say avoid LED projectors for now.

CRT screen. One user was finding the video feed of their CRT screen was flickering too much for the lightgun to work. It did work with a CRT tv when previously tested. Still trying to understand what the differences are to give clearer guidance or identify a solution.

In general when testing lots of different settings out and stopping and starting the lightgun continually, if you experience issues it is better to disconnect the lightgun, close the app and start again. If you can’t get back to the performance you had before, maybe try a fresh install of the software. This is just a good way to rule things out.

Android Beta

This is a very raw beta of an Android driver. Please see the readme file in the archive for more info. Requires Android V9 or higher and also some kernel pre-requisites. Currently only recommended for advanced users of Sinden Lightgun and Android.

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