Driver Software

The following software is for use only with official Sinden Lightguns® and not for distribution by anyone other than Sinden Technology Ltd ©2020.

Main software download

As of 23rd March 2024 the lastest windows and linux software has now moved from beta to mainline, this is the most up to date version:

Includes Windows software and drivers, Linux X86 software, Raspberry Pi software and Steamdeck driver (prototype) and support for the new GRS Sinden Target Pro Shotgun.

As this has only recently moved to the main version please report any issues to our support email address so we can fix any unreported bugs ASAP, all feedback good or bad is always appreciated. If you do have issues this is the previous stable release:

Previous Stable Release v1.08 publish 22nd July 2022

Please feedback via email any bugs or improvement ideas on the beta to
contact at sindenlightgun .com, please add feedback to the email title.

Pedal software (new), please see the pedal page here:

There is an unofficial Raspberry Pi4 build linked on the wiki here which is recommended for new users:

Main known issues:

There have been issues with bluetooth modules, if you are having an issue with the app crashing, removing your module or disable it and try again.

Windows 7 support on the latest software is not currently functional but will be fixed soon.

Windows 10, trouble starting the lightgun, make sure that the Sinden Lightgun® app has camera permissions if you have more locked down permissions than standard. You shouldn’t need to do this otherwise.

Android Beta

This is a very raw beta of an Android driver. Please see the readme file in the archive for more info. Requires Android V9 or higher and also some kernel pre-requisites. Currently only recommended for advanced users of Sinden Lightgun and Android.

The Sinden® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Sinden Technology Ltd.