Production Updates

February Update (13th February 2024)

The factory performance has been very disappointing for the last few weeks since the last update, every time a blocker was resolved a new blocker was appearing, however we believe we are now unblocked to clear the backlog and the factory is very confident of good performance. I’ve left the previous update there too for visibility despite it being completely wrong.

This is the target:
Orders up to #11000 this week (some possibly dispatched after the weekend)
#11000-11350 next week (some possibly dispatched after the weekend)
#11350-11700 week after (some possibly dispatched after the weekend)
#11700+ week after that (some possibly dispatched after the weekend)

January Update (17th January 2024)

Factory performance has been very solid in January clearing the Christmas backlog. We are aiming for the following:
Orders up to #10600 dispatched this week.
#10600-10900 dispatched next week.
#10900-11200 dispatched the week after.
#11200+ dispatched the week after.

Any remaining pre-Christmas orders should be cleared during next week. Thank you so much much for your patience.

Christmas Update

Unfortunately the team were not able to dispatch as many of the December Christmas orders as we wanted. We significantly increased resources but still didn’t hit our targets. Please accept my personal apologies to anyone who didn’t get their order when they wanted but please be reassured you will get your order very soon.

All orders up to #9995 were dispatched.

75% of orders between #9996 and #10183 were dispatched over the Christmas week, the ones that did not dispatch mostly contained Blue Recoil or Blue Non-recoil and spare parts. If your order was dispatched you would have received tracking via Shopify.

The factory will be aiming to dispatch all pre-Christmas orders in the first 2 weeks of January with a rough split of orders up to #10400 in the first week and orders up to #10650 in the 2nd week of January. Orders over the Christmas period we will be aiming to dispatch in the 3rd week of January.

Update Friday 1st September

Factory has built up a bit of a backlog again due mainly to low staff levels over the summer holidays and dispatch is taking 2-3 weeks as mentioned on the homepage. However we think the situation should improve from next week and rapidly reduce. Hopefully back to around a week by mid-September.

Update Wednesday 26th July

The situation with dispatches is improving from last week, by tomorrow we expect to have dispatched orders up to #7075 which was ordered 8 days ago. This means we would expect all orders currently on the system to be dispatched in less than 2 weeks from date of order and we will be looking to get that back down to dispatch within a week as soon as possible.

Update Thursday 20th July

A mini staffing issue at the factory to do with sickness and annual leave combined has left dispatch times at around 2-3 weeks instead of the usual 1 week. We are expecting the situation to improve next week as a staff member returns from holiday but in general for most people that have ordered and not yet received a dispatch email with tracking we are looking at a 2-3 week delay from order for dispatch.

We are currently dispatching order numbers from #6851 which was ordered on just over 2 weeks ago.

Please accept our apologies for the delay.

Update Sunday 21st May

Dispatch time is around 1 week and should go back to below sub-week this week.
Update Sunday 21st May

Dispatch time is around 1 week and should go back to below sub-week this week.

Update Tuesday 9th May

Due to there being 2 public holidays in the UK in the last week several staff members took annual leave at the factory and then a staff member was unexpectedly sick. We are now back to normal staffing levels from this week but this has put dispatch back a week or so, so we are currently dispatching orders from 2 weeks ago. We should be back to dispatching within a week of order time by the end of this week.

Ongoing Update

As from the last update the factory has caught up with all orders and doesn’t have a backlog. In general all new orders are dispatched within a week and tracking is sent when it has been dispatched.

Update Tuesday 4th April 2023

Factory are doing really well, they completed and dispatched orders up to #4987 by the weekend. New orders are currently being dispatched within a week.

Update Sunday 26th March 2023

Another good week, factory have completed and dispatched all orders up to #4806. This week we will expect to dispatch all orders up to around #4950 and maybe higher which means all outstanding orders at the time of writing this. Orders are dispatching roughly 1 week after order date.

Update Sunday 19th March 2023

Fantastic week with production, factory completed and dispatched up to order number #4600. This week we will be aiming to dispatch up to #4800 or higher which means that we will be dispatching orders in around 1 week from time of order.

Update Saturday 11th March 2023

Another good solid week. All orders up to #4350 have been completed and dispatched. We are aiming for orders up to #4550 or higher to be dispatched this upcoming week, this would put us still at dispatching at around a week after order and will probably take till the week after to get to same week dispatch.

Update Friday 3rd March 2023

Good solid performance this week. Factory have completed up to #4200 and any in this range not already dispatched should be dispatched on Monday and it would be Tuesday at the very latest.

Next week the factory will be aiming to complete up to #4400 and possibly higher, this will mean we are dispatching in around 1 week from order date, and the week after we should hopefully move into same week dispatch.